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Para Más Información En Español, llame a Angel Castillo, NASA JPL, Teléfono (818) 354-1585.

The following is for journalists, news editors and/or news producers seeking information about the NASA Groundwater Cleanup Program:

Media Interview Requests

All media inquiries (for background information, public/community meetings, interviews, photography) and visits to the JPL facility regarding NASA's groundwater cleanup efforts must be coordinated through:

Steve Slaten
NASA Office of JPL Management and Oversight
4800 Oak Grove Drive, Pasadena, California 91109
Phone: (818) 393-6683

If Steve Slaten is not available, please contact Burt Peretsky at (781) 828-4714 or (781) 696-5579. During media interviews, a NASA representative may be present and record the interview.

Emergency Situations

Recognizing the need for media to obtain timely and accurate information during an emergency situation, NASA will make every effort to provide timely updates and appropriate information. Depending on the situation, access to the on-site groundwater treatment system may be restricted.

Media Visits to JPL Facility Regarding NASA's Groundwater Cleanup

A NASA representative will accompany all journalists, photographers, videographers and other media representatives while on the JPL facility. Our first priority is the scientists' and engineers' work. Please cooperate with their limits. This includes respecting the designated areas for filming, honoring the start and end times for interviews, and abiding by the schedule.

Our office is responsible for deciding the schedule and setting up the time and location and duration of the shoot.

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